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Custom Cabinetry in Midland, Texas

Available in the Construction of New Homes

Custom Cabinetry

The Heart of Your Home Design

As wonderful as custom staircases, entryways, bedrooms and bathrooms can be, the magnificence of a Midland Gallery Home custom home usually shines through in the kitchen. Why? Because our kitchens house excellent cabinetry.

Quality Cabinets Made to Your Liking

What is it about custom cabinets that elevates a space? It could be because ready-made cabinets can be poorly made and unstable or that non-custom cabinets limit what you can do with a space. Custom cabinets, like overall custom homes, open you to an endless supply of elegant options to fill the walls of your space.

Designing Your Kitchen

Meet with one of our expert consultants to design your one-of-a-kind kitchen. Whether you want to customize the height of bottom cabinets, add an island or double the size of the kitchen area, we can make those dreams a reality with the exact color, shape and size you want. Let your kitchen take center stage. Call for a free custom cabinetry consultation.

Custom Bathroom Design

If the kitchen isn’t the star of the show, the bathrooms tend to take the cake. When you’re thinking of your dream master bathroom, you might think of a rain shower, a walk-in closet and a giant tub; but it’s the cabinets that fill out the space and finish off the luxury sanctuary.

The World of Cabinets

We specialize in custom kitchens, vanities, wall units, shelving and other specialty woodworking projects. We use only high-quality wood in our cabinetry so that it will last like the rest of your custom home. Beauty is in the details, so we maintain our expert precision throughout the cabinetry of a home.